State Of Emergency Declared For Several Florida Counties Due To Hurricane Michael

Governor Scott has declared a state of emergency for several counties throughout the state of Florida. Hurricane Michael is threatening to affect central Florida late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. Contemporary Management Concepts reminds residents to stay safe, be prepared and refer to your county’s hurricane preparedness website safety and evacuation information for storm updates.

Please bring all plants, furniture and decorations on your patio or inside to prevent them from becoming projectiles in high winds.

Ensure windows are tightly closed in the event of strong wind and rain. Management will be securing items around the site, including pool furniture and umbrellas.

Please report storm damage or water intrusion to our after-hours emergency call center at (352) 505-6966.

We have compiled valuable safety information for our residents, so please take a moment to read this information and get prepared.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your onsite property management office.

Sincerely, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP

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