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4.8 /5
15 reviews

Feb 20, 2018
The maintenance guy is very good. Professional and friendly. He got the job done quickly
Feb 18, 2018
Wonderful staff. Generally well maintained facilities. workout area could be cleaner and equipment need some work. It would be nice if there could be hand soap in public restrooms. Very professional staff. They have a high level of service and are proactive.
Feb 17, 2018
They care about the residents and are always prompt with service requests. I have not come across an issue with the staff in the 7 months that I have been here. They also host really great events for the residents
Feb 16, 2018
Very friendly. Extremely knowledgeable. Made us feel at home.
Feb 16, 2018
Love love love them!!
Feb 16, 2018
Have enjoyed the management, sometimes notifications are incorrect such as correct dates, etc. Would like community events to be accessible to all community members. As a teacher, I was unable to partake in the breakfast to go because I had to be at work before it began.
Feb 16, 2018
Update kitchen light Carpet cleaning with rental renewal
Feb 13, 2018
Fixed perfectly and quickly as always very professional Thank you