Benefits Of Renting A Furnished Apartment

When most people think of furnished apartments, they automatically think of student housing. But furnished units can be useful for tenants in all stages of life. Here, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP explains why furnished housing works for everyone!

Furnished Apartments Have An Advantage For Everyone

Young Professionals

Life can change at the drop of a hat for young professionals. But most furnished apartments have flexible contracts, such as month-to-month contracts, to accommodate hectic lifestyles. This means its easier to break the contract to move with short notice, such as for a new job.


Moving with a family can be stressful, but furnished townhomes for rent in Gainesville, FL, reduce that stress by having couches, beds, tables, and more furniture available for you on move-in day. Plus, there’s no measuring the doorway to make sure the refrigerator will fit — it’s already been taken care of!


Whether you’re going to college for the first time or know all about Santa Fe College and UF apartments near campus, renting furnished housing makes the task of moving seem simple. Opposed to finding a friend or two who can help carry heavy furniture up a flight of stairs, friends instead can come over and hang out.

How To Decide What Furniture You Need

Think Function

The sleek curves on a chair may catch your eye, but ask yourself how comfortable and functional the chair would be in everyday life. Thinking about the function of a room and the furniture that will be placed in there is a good way to decide what is a need and what is a want. If one of the apartments in Gainesville you choose is smaller than you realized, look for items that serve two functions. A futon, for example, can be a couch by day and a bed at night, while ottomans double as storage units and coffee tables.

Measure Twice, Choose Once

Something many people forget about when apartment hunting is measuring for furniture. After all, the last thing you want is to put the sofa at an awkward angle that prevents the front door from opening or closing. Check the floor plans for estimated room sizes, and if possible, measure the rooms yourself before you damage an armchair carrying it up a narrow staircase.

Where To Find Discounted Furniture

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have set money aside for a while, there are several places to find discounted furniture year-round.

Family & Friends

Have you always longed for the three-piece dining set stored in grandma’s basement? Go ahead and ask if she’s willing to part with it. If friends are moving, ask if they're taking all the furniture or not. They may also be willing to help move it!

Thrift Shops & Second-Hand Stores

Gainesville has several thrift shops and second-hand stores that regularly have furniture for sale. If an item appears outdated, consider whether it can be refinished, painted, or reupholstered to suit your apartment’s décor.

Garage & Yard Sales

Spring and summer are popular times for other people's furniture to find a new home in your apartment. Hone your haggling skills at these sales and remember to go early or late to find the best bargains.

Online Listings

Some cities have social media groups where residents sell, swap, or trade household goods, including furniture. Just remember that while online listings for apartments for rent in Gainesville can be good deals, you’re usually responsible for transporting the items back home.