5 Benefits Of Living On The First Floor

When you’re looking for your perfect apartment in Gainesville, FL, do you take into account which floor it’s going to be on? Many people dislike ground floor apartments because they don’t have the same views as their upper floor counterparts. There are, however, many distinct advantages to living on the ground floor. In fact, residents might not even have to sacrifice the view if they manage to get the right unit! Here are some of the reasons we love living on the first floor. At Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, our team is dedicated to helping residents find their new home — contact us today to learn more about all the apartment options we offer and to schedule a tour of one of our properties!

Easier Move-In

Moving into a first-floor apartment is way easier than moving into a second or third-floor apartment. Imagine having to lug up heavy furniture to get it into a third-story unit. Even in an apartment complex with access to an elevator, you have to contend with the logistics of fitting large furniture into tight spaces. There won’t be any negotiating with stairs or elevators when you get a first-floor apartment since many of these also have other entrances. A sliding door can be the perfect solution for getting large furniture into a new apartment. 

Better Accessibility 

Accessibility matters — an apartment on the ground floor can be perfect for people who have physical limitations since it’s right next to the parking lot and only a short walk away from their car. A ground floor unit might be ideal if your golden living standard is all about convenience. When there is already a washer and dryer in the unit, a cute little patio outside, and everything in reach, there’s absolutely no need to add stairs to any living situation. 

Affordable Living

Because first floor apartments get such a bad rep, sometimes residents can get good deals on installment payments when they choose one of these units. Even if you’re not getting a discount on monthly installment payments, don’t worry, you’re probably still going to save money on your utility bills. Cooling a Gainesville apartment during the summer months can be pricey since people resort to having to crank the AC up so that they can combat the Florida heat. The good news is that heat rises, so living in a first-floor apartment is likely to help you save money on cooling costs. 

More Green Spaces

Is there anything nicer than opening the backdoor on a beautiful day and stepping out into the grass? A 2019 study from The University of Warwick, Newcastle University and The University of Sheffield found that access to green space might make people up to 5 percent happier. Residents are only able to have instant access to green spaces if they live on the first floor. This is particularly handy in a pet-friendly apartment building since both you and your furry family members can benefit from the proximity to green space. 

Pet Friendly 

Some pets are afraid of stairs. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have to carry your dog in the elevator so you aren’t bothering your neighbor. Residents who already own a pet know that having access to outside spaces is particularly handy in case their dog needs to go out in the middle of the night and it gives them quick access to late-night walks. If a first-floor apartment unit happens to have its own fenced-in patio, that’s even better!