Renting With Pets in Gainesville

Owning a pet is a big responsibility for anyone. For renters, especially those in student apartments, there are many factors to consider before adopting an animal. Many Gainesville apartments near UF can accommodate pets, but finding a pet-friendly apartment is only the beginning, as you should also consider the long-term pros and cons to having pets in college. To learn whether adopting a pet is the right choice for you, review the implications of pet ownership for student renters.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

The best way to find a pet-friendly apartment is with an apartment-search website. Gainesville apartments that allow pets can be identified by including “pet friendly” as a key search term. You can also integrate pet-friendly amenities, such as “dog park,” as keywords in your apartment search. Some student apartment communities in Gainesville that allow pets are Bridgelight Townhomes and Spyglass Apartments.

Property Manager Restrictions

While reviewing pet-friendly apartments in Gainesville, it’s prudent to observe whether the property managers have species, breed, or size restrictions that pertain to your pet. For example, small to medium-sized dogs and cats are the most commonly accepted animals, while certain breeds of dogs and other species of animals, including amphibians, reptiles or birds, may be outlawed.

Pros of Pet Ownership

The reason why many tenants in off-campus housing near UF own pets is for companionship. While sitting up at night studying or working on homework, a pet can sit there by your side, keeping you company and providing brief interludes of entertainment. Many students also move off campus to have more responsibilities, and since pets need to be properly attended to, from feedings to walks, pet ownership can be one of your responsibilities.

Cons of College Pets

Considering that not all apartments in Gainesville near UF allow pets, owning a pet can limit your housing options, especially if the animal you own is of the type of size, breed, or species forbidden in most pet-friendly apartments. Consequently, you may have to find an apartment community far from campus. Moreover, by spending your days attending school or working, you may not have enough time to show your pet the attention it deserves.   

Gainesville Pet Rescue

When pet ownership seems to makes sense for your circumstances, and you’ve found a pet-friendly apartment to live in, adopting a rescue pet may be your next step. Gainesville is home to several pet rescue centers, including Haile's Angels Pet Rescue and Humane Society of North Central Florida, where you can adopt a dog, cat, or other animal to share your home. Remember that the landlord of your Gainesville off-campus apartment needs to be informed about the pets living in the apartment.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Gainesville, FL

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