Why Students Love The Luxury Apartment Lifestyle

Traditional college dormitories are cramped, run-down, and leave students with little privacy. All these unpleasant attributes result in a space that’s not especially conducive to studying — let alone a positive college experience. Luckily, many students and their parents have realized there’s no need to settle for dark, dingy dorm rooms. Instead, they’ve been opting for a considerably better alternative: luxury apartments. Many of our properties, such as Windsor Hall, boast fully-furnished spacious floor plans — with single dorm rooms for maximum privacy. Alternatively, The Courtyards, our off campus apartments near UF, includes in their monthly installments: access to community amenities water, sewer, cable with two HBO channels, high-speed internet, and electricity — all wrapped up in a single, budget-friendly payment.

Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, expounds upon this student housing trend, outlining why students prefer and benefit from luxury living. Looking for luxurious apartments near UF? Contact us to schedule a tour of our off campus student apartments!

Space & Privacy

As opposed to traditional dorms, luxury apartments provide students with roomy, open layouts, and all the privacy a young adult needs. College should be as much about a student’s personal growth as it is their academic advancement. Living in close quarters with another student in a tiny dorm can feel cramped and restricted, and can restrict a student’s ability to have a traditional college experience. The space and privacy of luxury living help give students their first taste of adulthood and provides them with a sense of independence they wouldn’t otherwise have if living in the dorms.

Modern Amenities

The student lifestyle is a busy one. Between attending lectures, studying, and completing assignments, a student can quickly become stressed. Fortunately, residents of our student apartments have access to a multitude of amenities that are designed to destress. Resort-style pools, fully equipped community gyms, and grilling areas are merely a few of the facilities found across our student properties. A busy mind needs a chance to unwind. So it should come as no surprise students prefer having direct access to the stress-relieving amenities of luxury apartments.


While you might not expect it, luxury housing options can be some of the most affordable apartments in Gainesville! Consider all the costs that go into housing — there’s the monthly installment payment, utilities, and then outside costs, such as a gym membership. Many luxury housing options include utilities in their resident’s monthly installments and some even go so far as to be all-inclusive.

Pure Convenience

Luxury living provides students the advantage of convenience. Many of our student apartments, such as LynCourt Square, are mere steps from the University of Florida campus, are fully-furnished, come with a washer and dryer, and offer 24/7 emergency maintenance services. We at CMC want to give our student residents the chance to fully focus on their education — without worrying about lengthy commutes or how their trip to a laundromat may cut into their study time — and with these luxury conveniences, they can.