Why It's Better To Have A Roommate

When it comes time to move into a new apartment, most people are faced with a decision: live alone or with a roommate? Dreaming of having a place all to oneself is understandable and probably most people’s first instinct. However, living with a roommate isn’t all that bad. In fact, there are several unique advantages to having a roommate that tends to make it a superior living arrangement. Below, we share five reasons why it’s better to live with a roommate.

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Cheaper Cost Of Living

Not only does cohabitation cut the price of your monthly installments in half, but your overall cost of living will reduce as well. Roommates can split the costs of household supplies, apartment furnishings, and utilities. Work nearby one another? Save on gas by carpooling together! Even simple costs, such as having a pizza delivered, can be reduced by a roommate who’s looking to go halfsies. Of course, the significant savings of splitting monthly installments are most attractive, but those stray savings from splitting things here and there will add up and make you glad to have a roomie. 

Live-In Pet Sitter

For those who live in pet-friendly apartments, having a roommate who can watch and care for your pets while you’re away can save you money and grant peace-of-mind. Pet-sitting services are costly, and it’s always preferable to have someone you know to look after your furry friend. After living with your pet for a few months, your roommate will likely have picked up how to properly care for them and become comfortable being alone with them. Just ask politely and provide them with everything they’ll need, and your roommate will likely be happy to sit your fur baby anytime you’re away for a few days.


Living with a roommate is far safer than living alone. The main deterrent to would-be intruders is activity around the apartment, as they generally only want in when no one is home. With more than one person occupying the apartment, the apartment’s activity doubles, and even if one of you isn’t home, the other one might be. Additionally, having a roommate means two sets of keys. If you ever lock yourself out or misplace your keys, your roommate will be there to let you back inside. 


Caring for an apartment all by yourself is a demanding and time-consuming task. Luckily, a roommate can help divvy up the responsibilities. Good roommates can coordinate on crucial tasks and chores like cleaning, picking up groceries, taking the trash out, dropping off money orders for monthly installments, and even cooking meals. As long as both roommates continually pitch in and make an effort, things will run a lot smoother and make life more convenient around the apartment. 


Even if you move in with someone you don’t know, you’re sure to bond and likely even become friends over time. Plus, having a roommate means there’ll always be someone you can talk (or vent about your day) to waiting at home. Roommates also help widen your social circle, as they’re likely to have friends over who you may end up bonding with as well. For residents of student apartments, your roomie will probably attend the same school as you — meaning you’ll have a built-in study buddy! Overall, roommates help make apartment life less lonely.