What Is Roommate Matching?

The right choice of roommate can help make the experience of renting an off campus apartment memorable. While looking at student apartments for rent in Gainesville, you should also investigate roommate matching and other tools, such as posting online ads, for finding roommates. By utilizing these techniques, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll room with people who will contribute to your happiness at home and success in college.

How Does Roommate Matching Work?

Roommate matching is a service available to tenants in certain off campus apartments near UF, whereby two or more students are grouped together based on their commonalities. Traits that matched roommates may share include hobbies, interests, lifestyle habits, and personal backgrounds. Meanwhile, to determine the pairings, landlords provide applicants with questionnaires that are designed to ascertain their lifestyle preferences.  

Common Questions Asked

There are common roommate-matching questions that, when answered honestly, increase the likelihood that landlords will identify and pair like-minded students as roommates. Since Gainesville student housing has interior areas roommates share, such as living rooms and kitchens, applicable questions might ask how renters prefer the condition of their living areas. Other questions could ask tenants to describe their communication styles, sleep habits, or interests in sports or music. Roommate matching also involves asking students about their primary concerns for roommates, such as personal hygiene, respect for privacy, or open-mindedness.

Which Apartments Offer Roommate Matching?

There are several communities of apartments in Gainesville that offer roommate matching. Lyons Corner provides the service to applicants for two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments. LynCourt Square rents studio and one-bedroom apartments, but offers roommate matching to students interested in the two, three, and four-bedroom units. Campus View Place and SpyGlass Apartments both have roommate matching available to residents of two and three-bedroom luxury apartments.

Choosing A Community With Roommate Matching

Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP oversees many of Gainesville’s most desirable student rental communities near UF. Several of our properties have roommate matching available and offer individual housing contracts for students to rent “by the bed.” Our company also manages other types of rental properties, including luxury apartments, urban lofts, and rental homes. Contact us for more information!

Other Approaches to Finding Roommates

Not all apartment complexes offer roommate matching. Yet, even when the service is unavailable, you can use these other techniques to find roommates.

Asking Friends

Friends make opportune choices for roommates. As opposed to rooming with an unknown person, there are no surprises when you live with friends because you already know each other's habits well. And even when your lifestyles aren’t wholly compatible, friends are still comfortable enough with each other to discuss and reconcile issues openly in the interest of developing an equitable living arrangement.

Posting Ads Online

A descriptive roommate-wanted ad placed on Craigslist, Facebook, or a roommate-search website can produce numerous leads for potential roommates. When writing an ad, think about the types of questions a roommate-matching questionnaire would ask, and incorporate the answers, including details about yourself as well as the traits you desire in a roommate, in the ad. It’s important to note that receiving a response to an ad is not the end of the search. Potential roommates should each be interviewed in-person to assess that person’s character, especially if you plan to pay bills together. But once found, roommates from online can easily become new friends.