We're not reinventing the wheel

We're just putting some sparkle on the existing idea. Almost everyone has a Facebook Page now - community groups celebrities products musicians and even us in fact you're likely reading this post from one of our property Facebook Pages.

You're seeing "Like us on Facebook" tags on TV commercials magazine ads mailers coupons and the like. So we decided to make some cute corros we can use around property. This is our second order from the design team at Neutral7 for our Orlando properties - nice huh? We grabbed the iconic Facebook bubble threw in the "TEXT to Like" details and Ta-Da! Custom Cute Corros! (for those that don't know what corros means it's short for corrugated plastic signs).

The only other signs we've seen around town besides our are from at O2B kids in Gainesville. Let's see who else hops on board with this easy iconic way to brand.

Orlando Facebook Corros