4 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Apartment living is more popular than ever in Florida, allowing residents to test out new neighborhoods and living spaces. When it comes to moving into a new apartment, however, making your new space feel welcoming and comfortable can be challenging for renters. While some apartments come fully furnished, most units are like a blank canvas, all the better to make it your idea of home. Don't allow yourself to become bored with bare walls and empty rooms. Instead, use the following tips to help make any apartment feel like home.

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Plan Your Transformation

The first thing you should consider is what you're allowed to do in your apartment regarding personalization and decoration. You should refer to your rental agreement for these details and contact your office manager or landlord for more information. Oftentimes, it's unlikely you can tamper with any of the apartment's fixed features, so be sure to ask beforehand to avoid trouble down the road. Next, start crafting a plan to decorate your living space, but be sure to make a budget plan before making any big investments with your home decor project. Pinterest is a great resource for decorating ideas, as there are infinite possibilities and styles you can choose from to create a cohesive layout for yourself. Try searching "apartment decorating ideas" to find an endless list of ideas to help your apartment feel more like home.

Declutter For Clarity

Decorating an apartment is not always a quick-and-simple task, particularly with small-size units, such as studio apartments. Whether you have plenty of room to adorn or live in a confined space, getting rid of the clutter in your apartment can greatly impact your mental health and the apartment's aesthetics. Decluttering can help you feel less confused, less anxious, and calmer. Plus, less clutter means more room for you to personalize your apartment. Get rid of the items and belongings you don't need or love, donate items in good condition, and toss the things nobody else can use. When choosing pieces of furniture for small spaces, choose items wisely and focus on the pieces that open up the space, like armless chairs or couches. Stick to a neutral palette for furniture items unless you want a specific color palette.

Add Some Life With Plants

Having indoor plants is an excellent way to make your apartment feel like home. It freshens your space and livens up the area, providing a comforting feel. You can choose between live plants and faux plants or decide on a mixture of both! Plants look aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help improve the air quality in your living space, absorbing toxins and releasing fresh oxygen. Check your local nursery to see if they have the plants you seek. Consider placing large-size plants in your living room, entryway, and bedroom, while smaller, potted plants can go on desks, bedside tables, coffee tables, and other smaller spaces. Depending on their lighting needs, you can even place them on the windowsills or shelves. You might even consider investing in hanging plants! These plants will help your apartment bloom and add the perfect pop of vibrant color to your interior palette.

Lighten Up Your Space

Even the dimmest interiors can be transformed into a bright oasis with the right lighting! Whether it's fake lighting or natural lighting, incorporating ambient light into your apartment will help make it feel like your home is a relaxing, inviting place to reside. Choose lighter-weighted curtains that allow in your preferred amount of natural light. Consider investing in a standing lamp to illuminate and dress the room strategically, or you could replace outdated lampshades with new, modern ones. Replace your bulbs with LEDs that offer your preferred shade, and brightness of light and add some candles to your interiors for a cozy vibe. When used correctly, mirrors can also reflect natural light throughout your apartment, which can help make your space feel larger than it is.