Union Street Farmers Market weekly in downtown Gainesville

The Union Street Farmers Market has been a staple to Bo Diddley Plaza since 1996. Vendors supply Gainesville residents with a plethora of fresh produce baked goods and all-natural eats at affordable prices every Wednesday from 4 - 7 p.m. - rain or shine.

When we visited the last week of May specialties included fresh watermelon plentiful greens even fresh bread and pasta.

Tips and Tricks when Tackling a Farmers Market:

  1. Take a quick look around. If you pay attention to prices you can get the best bang for your buck. Reading the seller's banner reveals that most produce is organic and preservative-free.
  2. Always carry cash. Most vendors only deal with paper over plastic.
  3. Don't confine yourself to just produce. Some vendors sell jewels and stones grass-fed lamb and even lead-free scented candles.
  4. Don't haggle. Most of the products sold at the Union Street Market are at reasonably priced - so there's no point in trying to get a bargain.
  5. Try something different and have fun. Some vendors sell already-prepared food so have a snack and some fun.