Touring an Apartment in Gainesville? Here's What to Ask

The questions you ask during an apartment tour are equally as important as the details you observe visually. In Gainesville apartments vary in specifics, such as the price of rent, the number of bedrooms, and what amenities are available. By asking questions on tours that elicit other, more specific details about the apartments, you’ll accumulate precise information with which to evaluate your options for housing, and ultimately choose the apartment that is best fits your lifestyle. So, during your next apartment tour, consider asking the landlord about key details of the apartment.

Get The Most Out of A Tour

Whether you’re touring an urban loft or another type of off campus housing near UF, it’s helpful to ask about the key details of the apartment in order to understand the full implications of living in that living space.


Like the price of rent, the cost of utilities should also factor into your decision of what apartment to choose. Certain apartments for rent in Gainesville have select utilities included in the rent. Whereas electricity may be the only utility you pay for in one apartment, another apartment may require you to pay for electric, gas, water, trash, and other utilities. Therefore, during an apartment tour, ask the landlord for details regarding the utilities you would pay for, including an estimate of the average cost of utilities for residents in similar apartments.


During tours of apartments in Gainesville, your overarching goal is to learn useful information that may only be available by asking the landlord or property manager directly. This includes inquiring about potential property regulations for decorating an apartment. From painting the walls to changing out the fixtures, decorating decisions may matter to you, but every apartment community has unique rules about decorating that could influence your decision of where to live.


Though easily taken for granted, parking is an important component of an apartment community. Some communities have rules requiring residents to pay for parking passes, parking gates with coded-entry, or reserved parking spaces. For convenience, you should also consider how far your front door would be from a designated parking space.

Leasing Office Hours

For residents of Gainesville apartments for rent can be made more or less attractive by the hours of the on-site leasing office. Besides paying rent in-person, the leasing office is where tenants receive assistance with questions and requests, and pick up their packages. A leasing office that’s open outside of normal business hours can be an asset for students and renters who work from nine-to-five, but an office that closes early may prove inconvenient for some tenants. Leasing office hours and services are a topic worthy of bringing up with the landlord during your next apartment tour.


Based on your online research, you may already know which amenities an apartment community has to offer, such as a swimming pool or fitness center. However, the best opportunity to ask questions about more specific details regarding amenities, such as the hours of operation for specific amenities or the policies for inviting guests to use the amenities, is during an apartment tour.

Tour Apartments for Rent in Gainesville, FL

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