Tips To Stay Safe This Halloween For Florida Apartment Renters

Halloween is a fun time of year to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Along with the festive fun, Halloween activities can also bring lots of foot and vehicle traffic, home hazards, and crime. Whether you are taking the family trick or treating or staying at home, be mindful of the safety of your home and your household. Staying safe in your Florida apartment is simple with these effective tips!

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Keep Lights On

Every year on Halloween, there is a spike in crime, especially vandalism and robberies. If you aren’t home this Halloween, keep lights on in your Florida apartment to help deter criminals and pranksters. If you are home, keep the exterior lights on to keep foot traffic safe. Lit walkways and hallways can prevent falls and invite the trick-or-treaters in your community to knock!

Check The Door Before Opening

Even in close-knit communities, it is a smart idea to check who is at the door before opening it. Look through the peephole or a nearby window to confirm that visitors are welcome, especially if you are home alone.

Keep Doors & Windows Locked

Halloween calls for extra precautions, so make sure your windows and doors are locked. Criminals will often move to the next home if access to the home is too difficult.

Use Alternatives For Open Flame

Jack-O-Lanterns, candles, and fireplaces are staples of the Halloween aesthetic. While spooky and cozy, an open flame is extremely dangerous, especially during a hectic Halloween. Flames can get knocked over or make contact with other decorations and catch fire. Consider battery-powered faux candles in your apartment in Florida. They’ll last for years and look just like the real thing.

Clear Walkways & Hallways

With added foot traffic around your community and excited children running around, falls are expected. Do your part to keep your complex safe and clear walkways and hallways of tripping hazards.

Always Accompany Children

Make it an event for the whole family! Staying with children will ensure they don’t get lost, left behind, or injured. Escorting them, keeping them in eyesight, or asking someone reliable to chaperone them will keep the holiday fun and safe!