Tips to Reduce College Living Costs

Whether money is tight or the goal is saving for the future, more students are looking to reduce their living costs while attending The University of Florida. As more students discover how affordable it can be to live off campus housing near UF is becoming more desirable. Living in a reasonably priced apartment isn’t the only strategy for saving money, though. In fact, there are several things you can do to reduce living expenses as a student.

Shop the Marketplace of Second-Hand Goods

Second-hand items aren’t only for younger siblings in money-conscious households. In fact, the marketplace for pre-owned goods in Gainesville is robust, and college students comprise a sizable portion of the buyers and sellers of used items. Consider also that given the variety of housing options off campus student apartments can vary in size. But whether you need to buy goods to fill a larger apartment or sell possessions before downsizing to a smaller space, second-hand goods are an affordable solution.

Sell Possessions You Don’t Use

Whether you need to declutter your apartment or raise extra cash, selling items you seldom or never use can be a good way to earn income. One approach to selling items is posting them on Craigslist, eBay, or another online service; everything from footwear and electronics to sporting goods and vehicles can be sold online. Another option is to arrange a yard sale or set up a table at a local flea market. Meanwhile, a great way to earn money for the clothes you no longer wear is to bring them to Plato’s Closet or a clothing consignment store.

Buy Pre-Owned Items

Resisting the urge to spend is the easiest way to save money, but when you need to make a purchase, consider buying a pre-owned version of the item. For example, while moving into UF student apartments, many residents discover they need more furniture, yet used couches, desks, and dressers cost a fraction of what new furniture does. Even the savings from buying used household items including cups or dishes adds up over time. As far as where to look for quality used items, consider the various second-hand retailers in Gainesville, including The Repurpose Project and Habitat for Humanity ReStore. To shop for local used items online, try CraigslistLetgo, or Facebook Marketplace.

Conserve Resources

As a student, much of your expenses comes from using everyday resources. What especially makes costs climb, though, is acting wastefully, such as by losing and buying new pens or driving to campus when you could walk or bike instead. To reduce the costs from waste, consider ways to get the most out of your resources.    

School Materials

Textbooks are one of the biggest expenses for students, but purchasing used textbooks, including from the campus bookstore, a local retailer, or online can save money. Preserving the quality of books, such as by not highlighting in them and avoiding water damage, can also help you get the most money later upon reselling the books. Also, remember to return your textbooks as soon as you’re done using them, because the buy-back price can reduce over time. Besides textbooks, school materials, including pens and notebooks, can get expensive. Ways to lower costs on school materials include buying them in bulk at the beginning of the year, keeping materials organized so nothing gets lost, and shopping for less expensive brands, such as those sold at a dollar store.

Travel Costs

Affordability is one benefit of off campus student housing, but living near UF has other cost-savings advantages. Namely, housing that’s closer to campus makes for a shorter commute and lower travel costs. For instance, students who drive will put fewer miles on their vehicles, which means a reduction in gas as well as maintenance costs. Meanwhile, being close to campus also enables residents to explore less expensive modes of travel altogether, such as biking or walking.

Discover Off Campus Housing Near UF

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