In A Hurry? Follow These Tips To Clean Your Apartment

Do you have an unexpected visitor? Perhaps your parents have decided to stop by for a visit, and there was no time to get your apartment ready. Maybe the mess in your room is getting out of hand. Between studying and all sorts of other responsibilities, you may not have enough time to do a deep cleaning of your apartment — but don’t fret. Here are some simple cleaning tips to keep your apartment ready for guests.

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Keep Things Tidy

The easiest way to make your job easier when cleaning is to avoid making a huge mess in the first place. Make sure things are tidy for unexpected visitors by periodically checking for and putting back things that are out of place. Doing so alongside your daily routine won’t take much time. Clean spills as they happen. Wipe down countertops every night and keep the kitchen clear of dirty dishes and utensils. Building healthy cleaning habits will make it a lot easier to clean your apartment in a pinch.

Start With The Common Areas

Whether you need to clean your apartment to better focus on your studies or you want to receive a few guests, the shared and common areas are always a great place to start. Clear the area of any clutter, clothes, and boxes. Dispose of any junk mail sitting on the kitchen counter and put things back where they belong. Even if you run out of time to clean your bedroom, having the common areas clean when your guests or roommates arrive demonstrates care and courtesy on your part.

Get Rid Of Trash

It is far too easy to forget trash lying around, especially when juggling classes, club meetings, and exams. Things like wrappers, napkins, food leftovers, and junk mail could sit for a while on the kitchen countertops, the dining table, or the coffee table in the living room before anyone notices — but make sure to keep an eye out! Take a trash bag and dispose of trash and anything you and your roommates don’t us. Doing so will instantly make your apartment feel more cozy and clean.

Scrub Down The Bathrooms 

It’s extremely important to keep your bathroom clean. Guests are almost guaranteed to want to use it, so ensuring it’s in good shape before they arrive should be a top priority. Use a disinfectant and long brush to clean the inside of the toilet bowl and don’t forget to lift the seat to scrub the bowl and the back of the seat. To really make the bathroom sparkle, don’t forget to clean the floors and the bottom of the toilet bowl as well. You might be able to do that with a mop or brush, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Remove Any Foul Odors

Smells are an overwhelming indicator of dirt and grime. Getting rid of any unpleasant smells is an easy and quick way to make any environment feel cleaner and more pleasant. To do so, first identify any areas around your apartment that tend to have stronger smells, such as the garbage disposal, kitchen, and bathroom. Then, use safe cleaning products and install natural deodorizers, like lemon peels and essential oil diffusers, to get rid of the smells.