Tips for Living Near UF

Often for UF students, the best college experiences include time spent exploring the vibrant culture and attractions of the city of Gainesville. From a dorm-room on campus, things outside the realm of the university can seem ostensibly distant, but in off campus housing near UF, students retain the main conveniences of being on campus while also gaining the adventurous elements of an off-campus lifestyle. To maximize your experience while renting a student apartment near UF, learn to take advantage of your situation off-campus.

Experience Off-Campus Life in Gainesville

In Gainesville off-campus apartment communities have distinct qualities that offer particular benefits. Some student apartments are designed for economical living, such as studios and shared two-bedroom units. While other housing is more luxurious, including five-bedroom multi-level townhouses and furnished apartments. But regardless of the type of student apartments they live in, residents can take equal advantage of the off-campus way of life near UF.

Relish the Short Commute to Campus

Grueling morning commutes are a leading cause of stress, which is the last emotion a busy student needs to experience, yet in Gainesville apartments near UF are often walking or biking-distance to campus for stress-free commuting. Meanwhile, because the majority of residents of a student apartment community are traveling to campus everyday, residents who drive can arrange carpools with their neighbors to cut down on fuel costs.

Meet New Roommates

More than sharing the cost of rent, college roommates can develop friendships that last through their time in school and beyond. Most student housing is likewise designed to accommodate roommates. Student apartments in Gainesville near UF commonly feature two to five bedrooms, which are roughly equal in size, as well as multiple bathrooms, spacious living rooms and kitchens, and abundant storage areas. To find roommates, meanwhile, the first candidates renters usually consider are current friends or classmates. Online advertisements for roommates can be effective, too, although you must interview candidates before committing to live together. After all, the more information you know about each other’s habits ahead of time, the more accurately you can predict whether the roommate match is destined to work. But most of all, you want to ensure your roommates are trustworthy about paying their share of rent on-time.

Discover Local Attractions

Gainesville is home to many attractions that are relevant to students’ interests, and the fact that student housing is often located centrally in the city and adjacent to Interstate 75 (I-75) and other main roads makes travel to local places-of-interest a breeze.


Students can observe more of Gainesville’s natural scenery off-campus, where, in addition to a lush landscape of exotic foliage, there are state parks that are renowned for their uniqueness. Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, for instance, is a cavern that descends 120 feet and encircles a tropical rainforest. While Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is a massive savannah that’s rich with biological diversity.


An appealing reality of living off-campus is that you’re usually just minutes from a store where you can buy the things you need. One popular destination for UF students is The Oaks Mall, which contains an array of retail stores and an extended food court. As for groceries, Butler Plaza, which features a Publix Super Market and Trader Joe’s, is where many students prefer to shop.

Off-Campus Housing in Gainesville, FL

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