Tips For Living In A Healthier Home

After a long day of work, the last thing we want to do is clean our home. Even taking time out of our relaxing weekend is not ideal. However, we spend several hours every day in our home and whether we realize it or not, the state of it can have a serious impact on our health. It doesn’t need to be accomplished in one day or one week, but working towards a healthier living space can relieve unacknowledged mental anxiety and promote physical well-being in the long-term. 

Follow these tips from Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, to help you create a healthier living space, and contact us when it’s time to find your next student apartment.

Identify Any Pressing Problems

Areas in your home that give you anxiety have a negative impact on your health. They can be small things, such as cracks in the tile or stains on the floor or walls. They can also be bigger issues such as mold, exposed wiring, or an absence of smoke and faulty CO2 detectors. While a landlord is responsible for ensuring your home is safe, they need to be made aware of any serious issues as they arise. It can also be cathartic to handle some smaller nuisances on your own, as long as you feel capable and willing to deal with them.

Out With The Old, In With Organization

Throwing out or donating old items that you’re never going to use can be liberating. This can include any area of your home. The kitchen is a good starting place. It’s easy to stockpile and forget about items in the refrigerator or pantry. Non-perishable items still within the expiration date can be donated while perishables in your fridge or freezer can be tossed or re-evaluated, making way for a more organized kitchen. You can also turn your attention to closets, under beds, and just in general spaces throughout the home.

Invest In Your Health

Balanced nutrition and physical activity are two pillars of health, and a home should support both. If you have old or chipped pots and pans in the kitchen, recycle those and replace them with new ones. Old or chipped cookware, especially ones coated with certain anti-stick properties, can release toxins. You can also leave fruit out in a nice fruit basket where it’s easily visible and more likely to be eaten. Get a filter for your faucet to help keep your water clean. To help promote physical activities, set up an area where it’s easy to practice cardio and strength training exercises. No matter how small of a space you have, there are tons of videos and pictures online for inspiration on how to best utilize the space.

Create A Space For Comfort

Make your home comfortable in every room! Some people are allergic to synthetic fibers and might never know it. Buying organic linens can completely avoid allergic reactions while also making residents feel good about their purchase. Try throw blankets and pillows — they can help make any space cozier. Also, placing an air filter in the rooms that you frequent can help keep the air in your home circulated and clean. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals that can aggravate your lungs. Instead, opt for all-natural or homemade cleaners that use organic ingredients. 

No Bad Vibes

While there’s nothing wrong with a blank, white wall, it’s the perfect real estate for artwork or photos of friends and family. If you’re going with some artwork, focus on pieces that fill you with joy and ignite inspiration. Even though you probably have photos galore of the people you love on your phone, putting their photographs around the home is a great reminder that you’re loved. Sometimes, that’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long day. No matter where you start, addressing concerns and accentuating positive aspects of your home can make it a better place to be, and pave the way for a healthier you.