Tips For Keeping Your Landlord & Dog On Good Terms

For dog owners, their pups are steadfast companions and a constant source of comfort and serotonin. However, to a dog owner’s property manager, an otherwise lovable pup can become a cause for concern. This isn’t because property owners are all dog-hating, Cruella De Vil types deep down, but more so because it’s their job to keep their communities' apartments in good condition for future residents. The last thing a landlord wants it’s to find out your apartment has been damaged by your pet. Not to mention, misbehavior such as incessant barking will inevitably result in a neighbor filing a complaint that a property manager will have to resolve.

Damage and complaints are problems you and your landlord would probably prefer to avoid. So, in the interest of keeping your pup and property manager on good terms, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP presents six tips residents can implement to help puppy-proof their apartments.

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Discourage Barking

A dog that barks all day and all night at the slightest provocation is sure to drive your neighbors a little bit crazy. Beyond merely being obnoxious, incessant barking is a sign that a dog isn’t receiving adequate exercise. Accordingly, the best way to deter constant barking is by ensuring your pup is gets a sufficient workout every day. Taking your dog on a run or even a brisk walk in the morning before heading to work can help get all their energy out and significantly reduce their likelihood of barking while you’re away.

Shield Floors

Sleek modern interior features such as wood flooring are valuable assets that property managers would prefer remain in good condition for as long as possible. Unfortunately, a dog’s nails (especially those of a larger canine) can scratch wood floors up in no time flat. To prevent this kind of damage, keep your dog’s nails trimmed. Another effective way to protect your floors is by placing area rugs down in the rooms where you and your dog spend the most time. Also, a waterproof mat underneath your dog’s food and water bowls can’t hurt either.

Protect Furniture

As residents of our Orlando apartments, such as Villa Valencia and Summerlin at Winter Park, can attest to — living in a furnished apartment is an incredibly convenient way for first-time renters to save money. To be courteous, try your hardest to preserve the condition of your unit’s furniture. In particular, try to train your dog not to get on furniture such as the couch or bed. If you’ve got a mischievous pup you know is liable to hop on furniture when you exit the room, just cover your sofa and bed with a blanket before you go.

Keep Pets Occupied

One of the best ways to deter a dog’s bad behavior is simply to keep them occupied and entertained. By leaving chew toys and puzzle balls around the apartment, dog owners give their canine companions something to think about other than the fact that their best and only friend has left them home alone. Leaving ample distractions around the apartment will help dissuade dogs from partaking in poor behaviors like barking or tearing up furniture. 

Build A Routine

Dog owners who establish a specific daily routine with their pups can significantly reduce any bad behaviors attributed to uncertainty. Most notably, a dog that’s become accustomed to going potty at certain times of the day won’t have accidents indoors nearly as often. For example, if a dog knows you’re going to take it outside the minute you return from work, it will patiently wait for you to come home rather than panic and go on your floor. Establishing a routine can help prevent the formation of any nasty carpet stains, which is something your landlord is certain to appreciate.