Tips For Hosting A Party In An Apartment

Having friends over is just one of the great perks that living off campus brings. While it may seem tricky at first, hosting a party in Gainesville apartments near UF is more than manageable, and can make for a great time — albeit a bit of a cozy one. Follow these tips to turn your apartment into the perfect party environment.

Get Creative With Space

Off campus apartments can be cozy, but there can be a surprising amount of sitting and standing room when a little bit of creativity gets involved. Furniture should be stored in bedrooms or pushed into unorthodox clusters to maximize standing area. A living room can easily become a dance floor with a bit of strategizing, and guests will appreciate the extra room to socialize without having to unnecessarily bump elbows. 

Beat The Heat

With lots of guests comes lots of body heat, and party-goers can get sweaty and uncomfortable if precautions aren’t taken. Make sure the air conditioning is up and running prior to and during the festivities, and if it seems to be getting a bit too warm, opening up a window can help get some air flowing through your UF student housing. No guest wants to feel like they’re dancing in a swamp, even if we do live in one. 

Limit Excessive Noise

Controlling noise levels can prevent an abrupt end to a party and ensure visitors aren’t sent home early. The city of Gainesville has strict rules against loud noises that may disturb the peace of other local residents, and a noisy party is sure to get a visit from the Gainesville Police Department if things get too rowdy. Keeping music and bass to reasonable levels not only allows guests to communicate more easily, but it also prevents having to pay a hefty fine for excessive noise violations. 

Know When It’s Time To Wrap It Up

There’s an old saying that goes “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”, and it’s just as applicable to late-night apartment parties. At some point, you’ll have to inform your guests that it’s time to go, and a good rule of thumb is to start winding things down once the clock strikes midnight. Your roommates and neighbors will appreciate a reasonable end to the loud festivities and you’ll avoid unnecessary visits from your community’s management. 

Apartments For Rent In Gainesville, FL

UF apartments can easily be converted to a happening party spot — with a bit of innovation and the right group of friends, your living space can effortlessly become the perfect spot to boogie the night away. For help with finding the perfect apartment for your lifestyle, contact our apartment and housing management company today.