Thrifting in Gainesville: The Series

Cleaning your closet can feel marvelous. I think tossing items that have gone unworn for months alleviates angst and guilt; and gives you room to really see what you own and rekindle lost love for a one adored item. But if you’re like me and spent big money on something and never worn it or know it’s a quality item that just doesn’t suit you it can feel frustrating to simply admit sartorial defeat.

Donating clothing to charity is always ALWAYS a generous and admirable choice as is handing over quality duds to organizations such as Haven Hospice or Salvation Army. However if you posses the eye to find treasures amongst rummage don’t stray too far.

While I appreciate the value of an afternoon spent shopping with friends encouraging each other to spend money and try on the latest trends nothing gets me pumped like a great bargain. To me there’s nothing like wandering the aisles of a thrift store idly letting my fingers brush the racks of sweaters feeling for wool and cashmere and fuzzy angora. I crave the thrill of the hunt the adrenaline rush of a major score the pair of really odd shorts from the 90’s that no one else will own.

Shopping at a thrift store isn’t easy like going to a department store it takes WORK. That’s what I like about it. I like the digging. I like leaving with something special that is really cheap and looks awesome.

Most consignment stores carry the basics: softly worn clothes furniture household necessities and miscellaneous items. What most newbies fail to see is the endless possibility to retrieve a vintage piece with a little bit of history and a big brand name for only a fraction of what you’d spend elsewhere.

Furniture with chipped paint can easily be turned in to a project and be tailored to your taste. Clothing can always be accessorized and altered to a new look and miscellaneous items make great home decorations!

Since thrifting does require patience I advise this: eating prior to the search wearing simple clothes (in order to ease the trying on process) shopping with an open mind checking out the store’s sections in it’s entirety and above all have fun!

Here are a few of my finds from right here in Gainesville at Attic Resale Stores by Haven Hospice on NW 8th Ave. I got this record player which is great because now I have something to play all those records I’ve been collecting.

In future posts I’ll share my deals steals and tips of the best vintage/thrift shopping finds in North Central Florida.

How about you? Know any good spots? Remade any furniture lately? Tell us in the comments.