The Many Benefits Of Living In Student Apartments

When it’s time to leave the dorm behind, students often have to choose between student-dedicated apartments and traditional rental apartments. But, while some conventional housing communities have top-of-the-line amenities, they aren’t always designed to cater to today’s industrious and on-the-go college students.

To help you find the right housing for your needs, the team at Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP has created a list detailing some of the benefits that off campus student housing has over traditional housing options.

It’s Easier To Meet People

Some off campus housing communities allow students to experience the same benefits as on campus housing, but with significantly more flexibility and freedom. When living off campus, students can still be surrounded by people around their age and at the same point in life as them. Being around others who are up for late-night chats, social hangouts, and group study sessions is an important part of the university experience. It’s also a great networking opportunity that can extend into a student’s professional life post-university.

More Flexible Housing Contracts

While signing a joint housing contract with friends may seem like a good idea at the time, mixing money and friendships can have devastating consequences. If a roommate does not pay for their portion of the monthly installment, for instance, the responsibility of covering the costs can fall on the other roommates. Not only can this take a financial toll on the roommates, but more than two missed payments can potentially result in an eviction notice.

On the other hand, our student housing near UF allows residents to sign individual housing agreements to ensure they’re only held accountable for their portion of the monthly installment, regardless if a roommate leaves midway through the semester or is late on their monthly installment payments.

Shorter Commutes

Our student apartments near UF are built conveniently close to campus and within a short distance to grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers. Students can avoid the headache of trying to find a parking spot on campus. Instead, they can walk, bike, or ride a scooter to class. The shorter commutes can also help students save money on gas, school parking passes, and vehicle maintenance. In addition, students can use the money they saved to better enjoy their time in college.

Fully-Furnished Apartments

Every year, the University of Florida draws students from all over the world. And, because most students are likely moving in from far away, bringing furniture is not always an option. Fortunately, some student apartments in Gainesville, such as Spyglass Apartments, offer students a simple solution: move-in ready, furnished apartments. This means that the apartment community provides all the large furniture pieces, such as a couch, dining room table, mattress, and other furnishings, so residents can simply bring their personal items when moving in.

Better For Your Wallet

Off campus student housing typically boasts a wide variety of on-site community amenities, providing residents with everything they need to live a well-balanced lifestyle. With community amenities such as a pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, study rooms, and many others, residents can skip out on unnecessary commutes to campus and save money on gym memberships. When you live in student apartments, you can get a luxury treatment without the skyrocketing costs.