Team CMC at the 2010 NAA Conference

We're back from a fantastic trip in New Orleans. Team CMC headed west for the National Apartment Association the sunny breezy and very interesting Warehouse/Business district of NO. We could bore you to tears and only talk about industry event...but let's focus on what New Orleans has to offer for a minute...starting with The Food. Which if course deserves a capital "T" and "F" we had many an amazing meal in this town. From Emeril's to K-Paul's in the French Quarter we really tried to get a taste and feel for the city.

Many vendors hosted Mardi Gras themed events we kicked off the trip with the Party in Bourbon Street and ended with a great city bus tour that took us around the French Quarter Ward areas where the levees broke the prestigious Audubon area the historic Warehouse district and trendy Magazine Street. The architecture here is fantastic...if you're looking for a cluster of mixed historical design eras - then this is for you! We saw French Victorians Creole style cottages or ajoupas Italian villas beautiful wrought iron and cast iron work on gingerbread cottages your regular steel sky rise buildings and the 9th Ward area where Brad Pitt is re-buidling from Hurricane Katrina.

What a fun time to come together and lend ideas we hope next year's event is just as informative and culture-rich as this one. For more photos and video visit CMC on Facebook!