Team CMC at Maintenance Mania

This week we entered our local chapter's Maintenance Mania competition - put on by the North Central Florida Apartment Association. We didn't come home with the gold but had a lot of fun cheering our guys on.

Here's a quick recap of what happened:

The gang at Huntington Lakes spent the previous night making these team tshirts

Our Maintenance guys set up their cars for the Derby Race Car competition. Wheels were supplied and they built the rest of the car using maintenance products. Can you tell which hot rods below to our team? Then it was time for the challenges. Up first Marco on the Duo Flush Toilet Conversion. Followed by Nathan - who later won a second place silver medal. Congratulations Nathan we are proud of you! Then Adam killed it on the Faucet Installation. And Richard showed everyone why he's a boss (and a Hunter's Crossing Commando). Marco showed us his victory dance while Adam worked on the Key Control Deadbolt Test.

The Maintenance Teams had to run through the challenges three times and were graded on their average score. The challenges were a matter of seconds and included:


Congratulations to all the winners which in our eyes are all our guys: Richard Marco Nathan John and Adam.