Get your Super Bowl Spread on

Which do you look forward to the most - Super Bowl commercials or the Super Bowl Parties?
Since we can't predict the former; we rumbled through the blogosphere and found great ideas for the latter.

All these recipes ideas are easy and are probably things on your shopping list anyway; but trying any of these ideas will make you the MVP of your neighborhood's Super Bowl scene.


Hate double dippers? Or the person that eats ALL the baby carrots. Create mini-veggie cups for your guests. They can already include dip or you can have a selection of dips that guests can add themselves (for the weirdos that don't like ranch dressing).

CHIPS & FRUIT SALSA Everyone does chips and salsa. Offer the normal kind but kick things up a notch by trying this Cinnamon Pita Chips and Fruit Salsa (your female guests might thank you).

Grab a bag of Stacy's Cinnamon Pita Chips and make a fruit salsa with your favorite cut berries and kiwi fruit.

BREAD-LESS BURGERS How about this take on a burger. Layer a patty and other goodies on a waffle fry. You can stack the add-on's (pickles red onion lettuce tomatoes) on the side.

It's probably best to make these bite-sized.

We love this idea for individual nachos. Try the seven-layer dip from SEVEN LAYER DIP Who wouldn't love getting their hands on their own jar of refried beans sour cream guacamole salsa olives and cheese? Guaranteed bowl-licking goodness grab the seven layer dip recipe here.

Think of the pros - easy to make easy to hold and portable.

Finally just for giggles. Know a friend with a steady hand? Feel like melting some chocolate? Check out these Strawberry Ba Straw Balls Foot Berries - we're trying to think up a name here - chocolate dipped strawberries that resemble footballs.

Foot berries indeed!