Meet our new summer interns

After the awesome announcement as one of Gainesville's Coolest Internships by INsite Magazine; we're pleased to announce the newest members to Team CMC - the summer interns! These five picks made it from a long list of impressive candidates get to know a little bit about all of them below. Caveat: Marvel Studios nor Paramount Pictures DID NOT pay us to mention The Avengers (though we kinda wish they did).


My name is Anne and I am an advertising and business double major at the University of Florida...Go Gators!
I am a rising junior and also a twin. I love all things pink green and preppy and in my free time I like to shop, watch TV (especially the Food Network), and catch up with my sorority sisters. I am the secretary of both Delta Delta Delta sorority and Order of Omega (a Greek honor society at UF).
One of the coolest things I’ve done in Gainesville was when I watched the bats come out at the UF Bat House just after sunset. Around 150000 bats leave their house - this secretive species flood the sky and it is so incredible to see them in flight!
The last movie I saw was I Don’t Know How She Does It - Sarah Jessica Parker plays “super mom” Kate Reddy. It was a great movie and I would definitely recommend watching it!
My favorite restaurant in Gainesville is Bistro 1245 on University Ave. I am addicted to their Butternut Squash Soup and their Cheese Board Appetizer is also delicious. I also enjoy their Three Herb Pesto Chicken Pasta - honestly, I would probably order everything on the menu if my stomach was big enough. I’ve never had a bad meal there. TIP: They host wine tastings throughout the week and Sunday wine specials too! It’s affordable and delicious so if you haven’t already done so go check it out! If you were to browse through my iPod you would find an eclectic mix of country-pop and feel-good music. I get most of my music from my brother; I have a lot of Keith Urban (mostly his old stuff) Brad Paisley Coldplay John Mayer Jack Johnson and even some classic oldies songs like Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”


Hi everyone! I'm Hannah. I attend the University of Florida (go class of '16!). Watching movies is my favorite past time. The action-packed Avengers is my latest pick so everyone go watch. Probably my go-to place to eat is BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse - a top contender on my list. Since I'm new in town I can't wait to check out all the awesome stuff I've heard about Gainesville.


Hi I’m Brianna and I love fashion music and movies - I'm with everyone else on The Avengers - which of course was awesome and thoroughly entertaining. Who doesn’t love Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans fighting bad guys alongside ScarJo? My favorite restaurant in town has to be a toss-up between The Flying Biscuit and The Top. I love breakfast especially grits and the Top has a ton of healthy options for both vegetarians and carnivores. What's currently on my playlist? I’m into everything from The Beatles (I’m obsessed with them) to Kanye West Machine Gun Kelly to Sigur Ros and yes even One Direction or Justin Bieber (I own both albums). I enjoy all types of music.


My name is Franklyn and I'm all about tapping into the creative outlet. A lot of my free time right now is spent on blogging/vlogging reading dancing taking photos sketching working out hanging out with friends and making covers to post on Youtube.
Coolest Thing I’ve Done in Gainesville: Tubing down the Ichetucknee
Last Movie Viewed: The Avengers Favorite Restaurant in Town: Bento (blue)
What’s On My iPod: Rhythms of Grace by Hillsong United Tighten Up by The Black Keys Turning Tables by Adele Doing It Wrong by Drake feat. Stevie Wonder Bennie and the Jets by Elton John.


Hello there! The name is Jeni. I’ve been a resident of the Gator nation for a year and some change now and I absolutely love it. Like most college kids in this town I live on a budget and attempt to restrain myself from impulsive shopping. Nevertheless like most budgets mine too has a weakness called Mi Apa Latin Café. For the past year it’s consumed enough of my income that I can (figuratively speaking) claim a good percentage of it’s assets. Au contraire to most young students the nightlife in Gainesville has not been the only cool thing I’ve encountered throughout my stay. It’s a dangerously growing love affair between its thrift stores and myself that has sparked a hunger for unique finds with seriously awesome price tags.
Besides a good deal music and film take up the majority of my time. Artists similar to Ray LaMontagne and documentaries such as 180 Degrees South have developed my desire for discovering up-and-coming musicians and documentaries on the world and social issues.