Image of Soothing Bathroom Paint Colors To Try In Your Florida Apartment

Soothing Bathroom Paint Colors To Try In Your Florida Apartment

Your bathroom is a place to refresh and spend time alone, relaxing and recharging for much-needed self-care. It can be simple to transform your apartment’s bathroom into a spa-like retreat with the correct color palette and a few bathroom accessories. Check out these color suggestions for your Florida apartment makeover. Look for colors with a soft, muted tone that make you feel at ease. Matte and eggshell finishes reflect less light and are excellent at creating a more relaxed feeling color. If you are unable to paint your walls, you can still transform your rental with colored contact paper, peel-and-stick wallpaper, or removable tiles. You can also add soothing colors to your bathroom with accents such as your shower curtain, plants, towels, and bathmat.

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Light Blue

Light blue colors provide a calming tone to a room. They are also very easy to work with because they pair with all types of hardware, wood tones, and design styles. White accents and natural wood tones can provide a coastal feel, while brass hardware and warmer wood tones can create a modern farmhouse look.

Sage Green

Sage green brings the feeling of being in nature to a room. Pair with medium to dark natural wood tones to further the natural feel, and add paints to create an exotic spa-like experience.

Cool Toned Grays

Grays are easy to work with and have a naturally relaxing color. There are hundreds of gray tones, not all of which are ideal for a soothing bathroom. Choose light grays with a cool undertone, such as blues, greens, or light purples, when looking for grays.

Warm Terracotta

Perfect your apartment’s bathroom as a Mediterranean getaway with warm terracotta tiles and beautiful mosaics. Deep and muted orange terracotta tones can create this exotic beach vacation mood in your apartment.

All Neutrals

For a classic spa bathroom feel, create a bathroom of all neutral colors. Beige, white, brown, and wood tones provide a natural, clean feeling that can look straight out of a luxury hotel. If the room looks a little flat, try adding mixed textures or a few plants.