Image of Skyla Rosario

Skyla Rosario is a part-time leasing agent at Hunters Crossing a 300-unit conventional property in northwest Gainesville. Skyla joined CMC in the summer of 2021 after working in the apartment industry for only eight months before coming on board with us. Skyla adapted quickly to a fast-paced office during the busiest time of the year and has continued to grow and flourish in her leasing consultant role. Specifically, in February, Skylahasreally stepped up to take a more active role in the management of the front desk. She has taken initiative to organize property events, decorate for holidays and update leasing boards. Even more importantly, she has helped immensely with the training and development of new team members. She has provided relevant hands-on training to her new co-worker and is always willing to lend a helping hand and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Skyla is super friendly, pleasant to be around, has a wonderful attitude and is very kind to all coworkers and residents. She loves her job at Hunters Crossing and has expressed a desire to know the residents and be the face that they recognize at the front desk or the familiar voice they hear over the phone. Skylais always willing to work more hours, cover another property, or change her schedule to benefit the property or needs of other CMC communities. Not only has she been willing, in fact, but has volunteered her time even during the holiday season, to essentially be on call for any site that may need coverage. She did all this with such grace and ease, without getting nervous about stepping outside of her comfort zone. She has assisted her property manager by walking units behind the cleaners to inspect for quality and sparkle units and to set up move-in gifts, even if they were not her own leases. She has truly stayed on top of her work and navigates all the nuances of our industry with a level of confidence and ease that is impressive for someone with less than a year's of experience. Recently, Hunters Crossing held a very large resident appreciation event, and even though she had never been a part of anything like that before, Skylatook initiative to keep the event running smoothly so that all the residents felt comfortable and appreciated. Skyla has a high level of commitment, and she is a team player who exemplifies CMC’s core values of Integrity, Service, Expertise, Commitment, and Community. Congratulations Skyla, for being recognized as the February 2022 CMC Building Relationships Employee of the Month