Review: Sisters for Breakfast

We've been talking about brunch lately on the blog and the list would not be complete without mentioning Sisters. Sisters for Breakfast has become a staple in the southwest community of Gainesville. Known city-wide for their brunch innovative flavors and charm; it's a weekend hotspot worth the long wait. (Weekend wait times are notorious so the earlier you arrive the better).

In fact Sisters made my City Guide to Gainesville list for Design Sponge where I wrote

...They do an excellent job of accommodating meat eaters vegetarians and vegans alike without sacrificing flavor.

Which is quite true you can easily go there if you're meat eater or not and have a very enjoyable meal.

To be honest because of those long wait times I had given Sisters a little break...until I started noticing their new dishes from Foodspotting. The photos encouraged me to visit them again and I think I figured out a system to get a good seat. Plus the have the MOST amazing freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice. Ever.

Their reputation in the local food community is a long-standing one as the owners/sisters Monica Albert and Lita Giampola have owned and operated Olive You Eat Well Catering for years. Both kitchens are known for fresh handcrafted dishes; some traditional others with a ethnic twist. Here are my brunch recommendations.

1. Panko Encrusted Poached Eggs

Two of these babies served over spinach with a spoonful of béchamel sauce. Definitely a favorite! Not into Panko? Try their...

2. Eggs Benedict

The Salmon Eggs Benedict (a special) is seen here but imagine if this were grilled ham. It's served with a delicious roasted red pepper hollandaise and a vegan option is offered.

3. The Mezzeh Breakfast Plate

A Sisters Specialty with a Middle Eastern flair. Eggs are folded with tomato and mint and served with olives Greek style yogurt and chankliche cheese. It's savory light and not as complex as it sounds.

There are also waffles pancakes crepes french toast and blintzes - and lunch options like salads and soups. The Chicken Puff Pastries are on my to-do list describes as: a golden turnover that resembles a pot pie which I hope is as amazing as it sounds.

You can dine inside or out for brunch and dinner. Sisters does not lack ambiance there is always something neat to look at whether it's the live band the twinkling lights on the porch or simply people-watching from the window.