7 Signs It’s Time For A New Apartment

Do you ever feel like you’re in the wrong apartment? Not the wrong address, but rather a place that doesn’t suit your needs or tastes, and impedes upon your progress in life. While it’s normal to feel an occasional desire for a fresh start, it’s important to differentiate thinking about moving from making plans to relocate. If you’re less than thrilled about your current living space, ask yourself the question, “when should I make a commitment to move on?”

Here, Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP helps you answer that question. We lay out seven signs that indicate it’s time for a new apartment. Although these factors are unique to Gainesville residents, they contain universal truths that can apply to renters everywhere. For help finding a new, better place to live, contact our property management company.

1. Living Costs Are Too Expensive

Budget experts recommend spending no more than 30 percent of monthly income on housing. Florida ranks towards the bottom of the United States for housing affordability. While Gainesville apartments for rent are in a more affordable range than housing in other parts of the country, it’s still possible to select an apartment that’s beyond your means. After calculating your monthly income, if you find that lodging accounts for more than 30 percent, it may be time to look for a less expensive living space.

2. Income Has Risen

If you’ve gotten a promotion or a new job since renting your apartment, you may now have enough money to upgrade to an apartment with more to offer, such as more square footage or additional amenities at Apartments At The Residences At Butler Town Center, for example. Your inclination to move may also be bolstered if, on top of having more money for living expenses, you can also identify with the other signs listed here, such as an unpreferred location.

3. Commuting Is A Hassle

Location is an essential factor when it comes to choosing an apartment. Living close to the places you often visit, whether they include the University of Florida campus or an office building downtown, isn’t just convenient. It also saves on transportation costs and eliminates headaches from long commutes. Gainesville is a medium-sized city, but during morning or evening rush hour, even a short commute can take a long time due to traffic, especially during the school year. Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP manages student apartments near UF and professional and family housing throughout Gainesville, so you can find a place to live that’s close to where you want to be.

4. Management Is Unresponsive

The average renter converses with his or her landlord or property manager only a handful of times, such as during the move-in and move-out phases, when maintenance is needed, and if questions arise about monthly payments. That said, when you do need to speak to the property’s management, it’s nice to know they’re available. But if you’ve encountered difficulties with a current landlord, that may be a sign to look for other apartments in Gainesville with more responsive management.

5. Neighbors Are Disrespectful

Before you move into an apartment, it’s not always easy to know how the neighbors will behave later on. Neighbors who are either inadvertently or deliberately disrespectful can make daily life a struggle. Rather than suffering until your rental contract expires, you may be able to talk with the landlord and arrange to move to a different unit in the complex or move out altogether.

6. Love Life Is Blossoming

There’s nothing wrong with moving for love. In fact, living together is one of the best ways to take a relationship to the next level. Where you two decide to live, however, can play a role in how successfully you cohabitate. Living with multiple roommates in UF student apartments may be appropriate — and fun — during college, but a couple may need a more intimate setting, like a private townhome. Space may also be an issue when moving in together. If you currently reside in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you could benefit from getting a place with more space. That way each partner has his or her area, and there’s room to let the relationship grow.

7. Bored Of The Same Old, Same Old

Sometimes, looking for a new apartment is a good idea if for no other reason than you’re bored with the current surroundings. The environment you live in can affect how you feel. If you sense there’s something off about your current apartment, even if you can’t place a finger on the exact cause, that may be a sign to move.

When you decide it’s time for a change, count on Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP to help you find the perfect lodging. As North Central Florida's leading property managers, we manage a variety of townhomes for rent in Gainesville, in addition to student apartments, lofts, and houses. We also have a searchable database of rental properties and helpful staff to answer questions. Contact us to learn more!