Setting Up Utilities in Gainesville

Moving into apartments in Gainesville comes with the responsibility to set up utilities. From finding the right provider to setting up a system for paying monthly bills, this task requires a particular type of know-how. This short renter’s guide to utilities in Gainesville can be used as a checklist for the most essential services.

Common Utilities for Gainesville Apartments

Whether utilities are included in the price of rent or additional costs depends on the type of rental property and the preferences of each landlord. Your apartment lease will outline which utilities you must set up on your own. These are the utilities most commonly requested in Gainesville.


Electricity powers many of the items in the apartment, from the lamp beside your bed to the fan above your head. In many cases, Gainesville apartments have individual connections to electricity, and usage is monitored through a meter. After moving into an apartment, or perhaps while signing the lease, you’re obligated to contact an electric utility provider to establish an account. Generally, no further installation is required, although a representative from the electric company may visit your address to read and set the meter, which is typically found outside on the apartment community property. In Gainesville, the chief provider of electricity is Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU).


Though probably not a mandatory utility according to your apartment lease, internet access with WiFi is a service many renters consider essential. In addition to personal computers and tablets, a wireless network enables the functionality of a variety of “smart” devices in your home, from TVs and phones to speakers and watches. Gainesville student housing and most other apartments are prewired for internet service. As a result, the average tenant needs only to create an account with an internet provider and procure a router and modem to have WiFi service. Nonetheless, sometimes installation of wires for internet is required, especially if the provider is new to the apartment building. Since your WiFi network can traverse multiple apartments, it’s advisable to safeguard it with a password. Major internet service providers in Gainesville are Cox Communications, AT&T, Windstream, and Gator.NET.  

Other Utilities

Besides the basic utilities previously mentioned, tenants of many off campus apartments near UF and other rental properties in Gainesville have to set up a way to pay for water, natural gas, trash recollection and other services.

Preferred Providers

Some apartment communities have preferred utilities providers. For instance, a provider may be the only source of a service in the area, in which case renters would have only that option. Moreover, providers can also have beneficial arrangements with the landlord, such as offering discounted rates on internet or other services for tenants in exchange for referrals from the landlord.

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