How To Secure Your Apartment Before A Hurricane Evacuation

When a hurricane threatens your community, it’s easy to forget or overlook some crucial steps to secure your home and possessions, especially if you are preparing to evacuate. Perhaps more devastating is returning home to damages that could have easily been prevented or mitigated.

To ensure your apartment remains as secure as possible, follow these simple hurricane preparedness tips courtesy of Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP before and after evacuation orders are issued.

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Before The Evacuation Is Issued

When it comes to safety, preparation is key. While you might go the entire hurricane season without evacuating, it’s best to prepare beforehand to ensure that the most time-intensive tasks are out of the way. Even if you’re not evacuating, following this checklist can help keep your home safe if the hurricane hits your area.

Before Evacuating

Once hurricane evacuation has begun, you’ll be dealing with limited time. At this point, you should pack everything you need for at least a week and do a once over of your home before heading out. Leaving as soon as possible helps you arrive at your destination safely before the hurricane hits. Before heading out, check off these last-minute tasks.