Image of Ruben Ceulemans

Ruben Ceulemans is the full-time janitor for five student properties, with 174-units, in Gainesville. His properties include The Courtyards, LynCourt Square, Alligator Alley, Nantucket Walk, and Upper Westside. Ruben has been part of the CMC team since April 2022, and he has really made a good impression. From day one, he took full ownership of making sure each property looked impeccable. His hard work during turns, the properties’ busiest season, was invaluable this year. Emilio G. Echeverria, maintenance supervisor, says, “During the 2022 turn season, Ruben demonstrated the ability to keep the properties in their best shape and show an optimal image to our residents.” Kaylei Koon, property manager for CMC Student Properties, had this to say about Ruben; “Throughout turn, she never complained about being in the heat or the task at hand. He was always willing and ready to do whatever we needed him to do.”Ruben splits his time between the five properties equally. Half of his time is at TheCourtyards; the other half is at LynCourt Square. On the days he is at LynCourt Square, he spends an hour or two at the smaller properties, Alligator Alley, Nantucket Walk, and Upper Westside. This is not an easy schedule, but Rubin always wears a smile and is learning as much as he can to help those he works alongside. Kaylei adds, “He always comes into the office with a smile on his face and ready to work. He is eager to learn and has a thirst to better himself and grow within CMC.”Emilio says, “Ruben always has a positive attitude and always smiles even though his job is one of the toughest. For some time now, he has been interested in learning in the maintenance area to continue helping his co-workers.”Ruben’s consistently positive attitude, his dedication to his job, and his willingness to step up make him CMC’s Employee of the Month for August 2022. He truly embodies CMC’s values of Integrity, Expertise, Commitment, and community. Congratulations Ruben!