Review: Dragonfly Orlando Robata Grill & Sushi Lounge

Dragonfly Orlando FL Review - Krispy Krunch Roll|Dragonfly Robata Review: Orlando FL|Japanese Robata Grill at Dragonfly - Orlando FL|Japanese Robata Grill at Dragonfly - Orlando FL"Eats|Orlando"Tucked away in Orlando's Dellagio Plaza is Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi Lounge. This restaurant is an expansion of the popular local Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Co. in Gainesville FL.

The Orlando Dragonfly differs from their flagship restaurant in Gainesville by featuring a traditional Japanese robata grill. As I understand it robata loosely translates to "around the fireplace"; where food is cooked over Japanese binchō-tan charcoal. In old Japan a traditional charcoal-fired hearth was once found in every home. Dragonfly's Executive Chef Hideaki "Ray" Leung explains this much better than I can in this video.

1. Chef Hideaki adds the finishing touches | 2. Bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms | 3. Binchō-tan charcoals at Dragonfly Orlando | 4. Chicken & Beef Skewers from the Robata

Sushi sashimi maki rolls (seaweed outside) uramaki (rice outside) and specialty rolls are very much a part of their menu (a favorite being their signature roll The Dragonfly); along with a long list of cooked items made from fine ingredients.

Owner Hiro Leung is very vocal about his commitment to fresh ingredients and quality produce and seafood - the menu is crafted around this mantra with dishes that feature high quality (wa-gyū) beef duck pork and of course seafood and shellfish. If you're looking for flavor and quality but something more casual try their spin-off casual dining project - Yume Ume Japanese Kitchen.

A few favorites from Dragonfly Orlando are:

View Dragonfly's Robata Grill and Sushi full menu here. For more dishes from fellow food lovers follow Dragonfly Orlando on Foodspotting 5. Crispy Tofu | 6. Sashimi Salad | 7. Chef's table at Dragonfly Robata | 8. Agedashi Tofu | 9. Wakame Salad | 10. Seafood Clay Pot from Dragonfly Gainesville Fl | 11. The Dragonfly Roll | Cover photo: Krispy Krunch Roll

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All photos provided by Dragonfly and Imagin Asia Restaurant Management Co. Photos 9 and 10 by Melanie Ling. ©