Review: Bento Cafe

I've said it since college and I'll say it again. I think
Bento Cafe
is the best place for sushi in Gainesville.

The best.


OK you get the idea and it's not just because this was my go-to place in college for sushi.

It's not because my friend Larry also know as one of the most inventive DJs in the state worked there and debtued his newest mixes while we ate.

It's not even because it's great for a before or after movie snack if you're catching a movie at Regal Cinemas 14.

The food is just gosh darn good at an unbeatable price!

Zuma Roll at Bento Cafe on Newberry Road

Here are my Bento Top Fives:

1. Everything here is good. Ever been to one of those places where there's a really long menu but only a few dishes are prepared well? Or a menu with too few options and they are all blasé?
Bento has never disappointed me. Given some things are better than others but it's all consistently delicious.

2. TWO locations! (on top of their locations in Orlando or Jax if you travel). That means if you're around Archer Road or further north near Newberry Road - you can get your Bento fix on anytime. And I mean anytime...

3. Because they are open for lunch and dinner (sometimes late night when it's busy in Gainesville i.e. 11p.m.). And their menu stays the same not "just lunch" or "just dinner" options so you can get anything...anytime

4. Guess what it's all fresh! Like the fresh air found at their outdoor tables or their delicious fresh produce like:
Dry Fried String Beans

5. Going out with a group and there's a sushi newbie? No problem!
If you can't push them over the raw side of the fence there are tons of cooked options like: bento boxes: with meats or seafood veggies and rice or noodles rice bowls: with seafood and veggies hot and cold noodle bowls soups and more - which makes eating with a group (especially a not-so-adventerous group) great.

There are so many sushi places in town but this is hands down my favorite spot!

What do you think - agree or disagree? Have you been here and have a favorite dish?

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Got a place in town you think is great? Let us know!