Resident Appreciation Week Day Two

Words can't express it. So we're going to highlight the "best of" CMC's Resident Appreciation Week Day Two - see our Day One kickoff here.

Spyglass Apartments hosted a Build your own Sundae Bar at the clubhouse - check out the awesome video.

Lake Crossing kept things warm and toasty with a DIY S'mores bar at their sites - they built that box and everything!

Down in Lakeland our WillowBrooke Apartments staff got their entire team ready (like our excited maintenance guys here) to hand out Breakfast on the Go. In this case some hot'n'fresh Krispy Kreme treats. While in Gainesvile...

The Courtyards team did the same for the students walking to class at UF.

You can see more photos of the events on the properties Facebook pages or take a look at the album we're cultivating at CMC Apartments on Flickr.