Ready To Live With Friends? Follow These Tips!

Living in a Gainesville apartment with your best friends seems like a dream come true — you know each other’s habits, get along swimmingly, and love spending time together. Living at a UF off campus housing community such as Windsor Hall or The Courtyards in a “better-than-the-dorms” setting provides the college experience most are searching for. However, living with friends comes with its own set of challenges. Before moving in together, sit down with your friends and discuss these five key points from Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP, for a no-hassle living experience. 

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Communicate Openly

Honesty is always the best policy, and that applies to roommates too. Open lines of communication are vital to maintaining a happy and healthy living environment, especially with friends. Sometimes it can be difficult to be upfront and straightforward with those you’re close to, but it’s better than leaving things unsaid. Communication is often the root of other roommate problems, so it’s crucial to establish an open line of communication right away with friends you’re living with.

Be Transparent About Money

Whether you’re living in a complex that offers an individual or joint housing contract, being realistic about finances is critical for a smooth relationship with friends-turned-roommates. No one wants to discuss bills or finances — it can be tense. But, it’s necessary to avoid living outside what you can afford. Make sure the friends you’re living with are fiscally responsible and can take care of their monetary obligations.

Institute A Cleaning Schedule

Part of great communication is setting up a solid cleaning schedule and learning each other’s cleaning habits. We all have that friend who’s secretly a slob, so make sure to discuss that before moving in together. Create a detailed list of chores, including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, taking out the trash, and wiping down fixtures. Establish a rotating schedule, so everything is divided evenly between you and your friends.

Define Quiet Hours

You and your friends might be at different points in your life — one may work a typical 9–5 job and have the weekend off, while you and your other roommates might still be UF or Santa Fe students studying on a Friday or Saturday night. Because of this, it makes sense to carve out quiet hours that fit everyone’s schedule to create a respectful living environment.

Share Food Sparingly

When living with friends, the phrase “what’s mine is yours” is common. It encourages a healthy give and take, but that only works if everyone contributes. Don’t let one friend buy all the food! And if you’re borrowing food, make sure you replace what you take. For example, if you finished the last box of cereal, go out and buy a new one. Finally, if one of your friends has a particular food they don’t want to share, respect their wishes, and don’t get into it.