6 Indoor Activities to Chase the Rainy Day Blues Away

The Rainy Day Blues are no joke. All week you've been looking forward to taking the dogs to the park catching some rays by the pool and sending the kids outside to play. Then you wake up on Saturday morning to the distant sound of thunder in the background. Such a disappointment right?

While it's certainly a bummer we often forget about all the fun indoor activities (for all ages) that can easily chase the Rainy Day Blues away.

Go to the Movies

The movie theater is the perfect place to spend a rainy day. You're not missing out on the sunshine by sitting in a dark theater for a couple of hours you can stay in your sweats and nobody is going to judge you for splurging on the extra large popcorn with free refills (you ARE sharing it after all).

Zootopia (PG) tops the box office this week and with a score a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes it's sure to be entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike.

Build a Fort

Let's be honest: living room forts are not just for kids. Think of all the things you can do in  your secret hideaway: read a book have a picnic take a nap.  And all of these things are extra enjoyable when you're cozied up and listening to the soft sound of rain outside.

 Dust Off the Board Games

Remember the days before iPads and Xbox when you cleared off the kitchen table to play Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit? A rainy day is a great time to break out the old board games and reunite with your old friends Colonel Mustard Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet.

Card games are also always a crowd-pleaser and since you’re stuck inside all day why not learn a new one?

I know what you're thinking and yes it's a great idea to do this in your fort.

Spend Some Time in the Kitchen

Nothing cures the Rainy Day Blues quite like some good old fashioned comfort food. This could be anything from homemade mac and cheese to double chocolate chip cookies. Bust out mom's old recipes for the ultimate comfort or try adding a new twist to old classics. 

Get Creative

Arts & crafts are an excellent way to spend an afternoon. You can paint wooden decorations for your bedroom or a set of glasses for entertaining. Or you could construct a seasonal wreath that's just the touch your front door has been missing. Maybe even pick up a new hobby like knitting or scrapbooking.

Having a hard time finding your creative side? Go to your local craft store and browse the aisles. They'll undoubtedly have something (or more likely - a few things) that peak your interest. Or you can surf the web for inspiration.

Go to the Library

Weekends these days seem almost as hectic as weekdays. But when plans get canceled due to a stormy Saturday it just may be the perfect time to go to the library and pick up a new novel. Take your time read a few excerpts really channel your inner Belle. If you're lucky you'll find a hidden gem that becomes your new favorite book.

Maybe even return those books you borrowed last year with all those overdue charges?

Bonus: Leave Town!

That's right I went there. If the weather is really getting you down take a road trip! Chances are if you live in Florida you're a short(ish) drive away from a beach on which it's not raining. If the beach is not your thing you could take a day trip to an amusement park. Or pay an impromptu visit to friends and family that are just a few hours away but you hardly get to see.

Not sure where to make your escape? Check out this resource of Florida one-tank trips!


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