Puppy Pro Tips for Summer Temperatures

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Hi everyone! With the dog days of summer approaching (and especially living in Florida) it's important to remember these tips to keep your pup safe and healthy!

1. Never leave your pup in a car when it’s warm outside

The temperature in the car is often much higher than the ambient temperature and can increase very quickly. This can cause your dog to overheat in a few minutes.

2. Be wary of heat stroke

Be careful not to over-exercise your pup when it’s warm outside. When your pup gets overheated you may see them act lethargic wobble or collapse. Other signs include drooling excessive panting and blue or red gums.

If you see your pup acting abnormally or experiencing labored breathing you should take your dog to the vet immediately as heat stroke can be life-threatening.

You can put room-temperature to cool water on your pup before traveling to your veterinarian - but be sure that it's not cold water. The cold water closes up all of the blood vessels near the skin and prevents cooling the inner portions of the body.

3. Protect the paws

Ever walked barefoot on the hot sand? Ouch! Dogs can have the same problem when walking on blacktop sidewalks or other surfaces during warm weather - their paws can burn and peel.
Try to keep your dog from walking or playing on hot surfaces for extended periods time during hot days.

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