Our challenge to you: Try not to have a good time at Peanuts Naturally

Lucy Van Pelt once said:

Try not to have a good time...This is supposed to be educational

But I dare you I double dog dare you NOT to have a great time at the exhibit Peanuts...Naturally: Charlie Brown and Friends Explore Nature.

The exhibit from California is currently at the Florida Museum of Natural History until January 2 2013. It's a carefree look into Charles Schulz's exploration and interpretaion of the natural world through the eyes of his beloved Peanuts characters.

We've heard you can visit Woodstock's birdhouse see The Great Pumpkin and with the holidays around the corner can you imagine the Peanuts themed surprises? Exactly!

This exhibit is $4 for adults and $3.50 for FL residents seniors and college students $3 for children ages 3 - 17.

Photo from Florida Museum of Natural History - 3215 Hull Road