Head outdoors for Paynes Prairie Adventures

Cover Photo by Filipe DeAndrade/INsite Magazine
Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park offers 22000 acres of Florida wetlands along with a great opportunity to experience nature and get active. The state park is a perfect place for a quick family trip that shows the area's topography.

Paynes Prairie has been a part of Florida’s scenery for over 12000 years and was first depicted by William Bartram in 1774. The park has something for every type of family. Whether a group of on-the-goers or the adventurous types Paynes Prairie has supplied the public with a number of different activities to delve into.

Quick Stroll
Enjoy a morning workout or a photo session with your kids on the 2-mile nature trail. There you can take a walk to the observation desk or bike around the stretch of land. This two hour activity is perfect because it still gives the family a chance to spend an adequate amount of time with each other while still being able to make other meetings or engagements at later times in the day.

For those who want to bask in the glow of nature (but not go too wild) spending a day at Paynes Prairie answers that fix.

Going on a picnic or wildlife viewing could be up your alley. You can enjoy a short walk have a nice meal and return home just in time for dinner without feeling drained.

Roughing It

Adventurous families - those that do not mind being put in potentially stressful situations for long periods of time - can camp at Paynes Prairie. It's perfect because it takes you away from modern civilization and promotes bonding time.

Overall Paynes Prairie is a great park that provides lots of activities for Florida residents. Paynes Prairie is even becoming more interactive providing informations kiosks accessible via mobile and volunteer opportunities.

For more information on Paynes Prairie and the things you can get into check out their website.