CMC Sounds: Passion Pit's Gossamer

Passion Pit’s third try in storytelling is a great effort but I think the effort falls flat in some areas and sounds a little sleepy. Passion Pit is known for their electro-pop synths and falsetto rifts with catchy lyrics and Gossamer offers more of the same sound. The introduction to the album Take a Walk is a strong indication of what to expect from the album. It’s the perfect warm-up for old and new listeners since it’s the perfect hybrid between their old and new sound.


Another strong single is On My Way. It hits the middle of the album with a catchy drumbeat (but not hardcore Florence-style drums) that encourage you to keep listening.

On the other hand Passion Pit’s current single Constant Conversations (which for some reason reminds me of Mayer Hawthorne) is a sharp turn in the album. It slows things down significantly and disturbs the overall flow. A more upbeat single one that resonates with the rest of the hyperactive project could have easily replaced this single.

If anything Gossamer is a more developed approach to pop music; where some pop acts are coffee I think Passion Pit's sound is more like a double skinny latte. The instruments used are the ones heard in other hot pop tracks - but the sophisticated arrangement makes them different. Passion Pit’s sound is distinct yet they find a way to include futuristic production techniques to create off-kilter sounds that match their quirky lyrics. In a world where dubstep is overwhelming and electronic dance music is becoming monotonous Passion Pit manages to take an uncharacteristic look at the merging of synth and pop music. I give this album 6 out of 10.

LISTEN TO GOSSAMER FROM PASSION PIT HERE Gossamer - Passion Pit dropped today and you can hear all the new songs here on NPR Spotify or "live in the club" at the release party at Flashbacks Lounge 211 W. University Ave in Gainesville on July 27th at 10p.m. UPDATE: We have TWO copies of this album to give away. Leave a comment about the album and we'll pick winners at random and announce them on Monday July 30. THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED 7/30/2012