One Bedroom vs. Studio Apartments: What's the Difference?

Choosing the perfect apartment is a process that involves a bounty of decisions, from the cost of rent to the location of the community. But something else to be mindful of while browsing apartments in Gainesville is the number of bedrooms you need. Particularly for single apartment hunters, the choice often comes down to a one-bedroom or a studio. Some renters refer to these apartments interchangeably, but one-bedrooms and studios actually have unique qualities from one another, and knowing those differences may serve you in determining which apartment is ideal for your lifestyle.


Throughout Gainesville apartments with one bedroom can have floor plans with contrasting layouts. Spyglass Apartments, for example, offers one-bedroom apartments where residents enter and have a bedroom and bathroom to one side, a living room to the other side, and a kitchen and dining area at the back. Upper West Side Apartments, on the other hand, offers four distinct floor plans for their one-bedrooms, including a style of unit where residents come in through a living room and pass a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to reach a porch outside.

Pros & Cons

Particularly when it comes to student apartments for rent Gainesville residents usually encounter more available one-bedroom apartments than studios, especially in neighborhoods around the University of Florida campus. In general, the benefit of a one-bedroom apartment is that the bedroom and living room are separate, so you can partake in activities, such as studying or hosting guests, in the living room while keeping the sleeping area and your private belongings secure in the bedroom. On the other hand, a one-bedroom is quite spacious, meaning you’ll need more furniture and decorations to fill the entire space, not to mention more time to tidy up each week, compared to a studio.

Studio Units

The rising demand for off campus apartments near UF has inspired students and Gainesville residents to explore all available options for housing, and studio units have grown more sought after. In contrast to a one-bedroom apartment, a studio has a joined living and sleeping area for an efficient use of floor space. In the studios at LynCourt Square, for example, residents proceed through the front door to a living room area with a combined kitchen and laundry area on one side and a bedroom area and separate bathroom on the other side.

Pros & Cons of Studios

Because of the efficient floor space in a studio, you don’t have to own more than a few pieces of furniture to completely furnish the unit. Living in a studio can also allow you to save money on your utilities bills because the entire unit can be heated or cooled with less energy than a larger apartment. On the downside, if you are someone with tons of possessions, you may have to invoke some creativity while storing items in order to prevent a studio from becoming cluttered.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Apartment

In the quest to find your perfect apartment, there are two steps to follow, including identifying your lifestyle needs and then commencing a targeted search for a complementary apartment.

List Your Lifestyle Needs

The first step in finding an ideal apartment is to write out a list of your preferred in-home activities, so you can compare your needs to the characteristics of various apartments. For a resident who enjoys hosting friends at home, for example, a one-bedroom with a separate living room for entertaining guests would be more suitable than a studio. By contrast, for a student who lives alone and owns only a few possessions, a studio would be a better fit, as a one-bedroom would have too much open space.

Apartment Search

After you’ve chosen the type of apartment, such as a studio or one-bedroom, that suits your needs, the next step is to search for available apartments in Gainesville. As a helpful apartment hunting tip, you can save time in your search by consulting a property management company that oversees multiple apartment communities, so you can view a wider range of housing options in a single search. And once you’ve identified one or more apartments that you are confident meet your needs, call the property manager to schedule a tour.  

Apartments in Gainesville

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