Oh the wondrous age of technology!

This post goes out to our pal Mike Whaling of 30 Lines. We dug up this old chestnut last Friday while decorating for the Lake Crossing Cookout...stood in a moment of shock before ripping over the covers of this book. It's called Exploring Careers In The Computer Field (published 1983) by Joseph Weintraub.

And really we are in no place to scoff. It's not like we dug up some rare artifact from the revered era known as the 80s. Decades to come our kids will probably be picking up books jumpdrives...or something even cooler saying "Gosh! Social Media - what was that. Soo 2000's!". Who knows what can happen over the next decade but we still wanted to share this with you because well...it's entertaining. At least it gave us a good break from streaming lanterns.

Weintraub goes on to list career types and back-in-the-day programming. That's fine - what really stood out for us is that the University of Florida IS NOT even on WEintraub's list for higher-learning technology institutions...but Valencia CC is (one time for our Orlando/Winter Park properties and our VCC students!)

Have you found something from the not-so-faraway past lately and looked at thing like "WHAT was I thinking?". We'd love to hear about it!