Resident Move Out Checklist

We're sorry to see some of you go but all good things must come to an end...maybe.

That said we wanted to make sure you know how to make your apartment rent-ready and avoid any move-out charges.

Please remember to turn in your keys and leave your forwarding address (in writing) with your Property Manager. Delays in receiving your refund and Move-Out Statement are usually because of improper or no forwarding address.

In order to assure that your full security deposit is returned please follow these guidelines:

1. Turn in your door keys mailbox keys and gate cards.
2. Remove all trash papers boxes clothes hangers shower curtains shelf paper etc.
3. Empty and clean the range closets and cabinets of all items.
4. Clean and defrost the refrigerator.
5. Leave floors walls and ceilings in good condition.
6. Steam clean the carpet and remove all stains.
7. Remove stains and/or smoke damage from the drapes.
8. Sweep and mop bathroom and kitchen floors.
9. Clean windows and sliding glass doors.
10. Clean ceiling fan blades.
11. Clean light fixtures and medicine cabinets.
12. Clean utility rooms and patio areas of all trash potted plants grills etc.
13. Leave fire extinguisher.
14. An electricity and water charge will be applied if we need to enter unit for services.
15. A charge will be made for mailing move-out report by certified mail.

Thank you for choosing to make a CMC property your home.

If you have any questions please refer to your property manager.

You can also watch our Turns and Conditions video for some move-out and cleaning tips.