Image of Melissa Cordero

I am proud to nominate Melissa Cordero as the employee of the month for April 2019. Melissa not only completes her duties on time, but she also volunteers to help others and has an extremely positive attitude. Melissa was the first employee, company-wide, to complete 100% of her online compliant training courses and, to her credit, has also completed several optional courses. Over the past 12 months, Bridgelight and Napier Grant’s combined reputation score has gone from 198 to 508, with an overall star rating of 4.1 out of five. This increase in online reputation can only be attributed to Melissa’s ability to expertly manage her maintenance team, her superior customer service, her frequent Facebook posting and her eagerness to consistently ask for surveys and reviews. Melissa has consistently been the first of her peers to complete deadlines regarding accounting, payables, and delinquency reporting. Terry Nelson, Accounts Payable Manager at the corporate office, also attests to Melissa’s excellence. “Melissa is outstanding! I always tell her I am giving her the star of the month award because her reports are always on time.” Joanna White, Administrative Services Manager, agrees. “Melissa is the only manager who calls me prior to the books being open for the next month to see if she can complete her deposit accounting ahead of time. She is very proactive.” Jenny Feigum, Accounts Receivables Manager, echoed their praises and says, “Melissa’s AR reports are always on time, and she asks questions as needed.” Under her management, Bridgelight is currently 100% occupied and 74% per-leased for fall, and Napier Grant are 90% occupied and 85% pre-leased for fall. Thank you, Melissa, for epitomizing CMC’s core values of Integrity, Service, Expertise, Commitment, and Community.