Love free stuff? We've got that too!

No one knows how to rock a Student Housing Fair like Team CMC!

After our great run with our Orlando team at the UCF Housing Fair we've decided to reveal some of the goodies you can score at the University of Florida Housing Fair on Wednesday March 23rd (and beyond).

Here's a quick breakdown:
1. We've been talking about this all month. Come visit our booth to get details on how to win a brand new iPad2. The contest goes live this week and ends on April 1st.

2. Got game day fever? We have an awesome orange and blue game day tee exlusively for our buddies (and maybe some friends around town) that check-in to our booth on foursquare

Find us at the CMC Apartments Booth At The Reitz location and add us to your foursquare to-do list so you don't forget tomorrow.

3. But that's not the only tee we're giving away we did a limited run of these hot numbers. Why? Because Size Does Matter. Check out the tee - great for guys and girls - modeled by our staffers Emilio and Penny. You can just these by just being awesome. Extra points if you post a pic of you wearing the tee to our Facebook Page.

Size Does Matter Tee

4. Plus...we're giving away $100...and predicting your futures. That's all we can say for now.

And of course we've got all the quirky odds and ends seen here to keep you interested.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Reitz.

We'll be the loud ones in the cool booth....with the amazing tshirts.
Team CMC Swag