What to Expect Living in Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is one of the more relaxed, calm, family-oriented areas of Gainesville. Many young professionals with families, professors, retirees and some students choose to call this area home. When looking into Gainesville apartments in the Northwest, there are things you should know to ensure it is the right fit for you. At CMC Apartments, we can help you find your next home.

Perks of Student Living in Northwest Gainesville

Living in or near Northwest Gainesville offers up many benefits. The area is far enough from the central student areas to avoid heavy traffic and the hectic lifestyle, but still in close proximity to all the main hot spots. Northwest Gainesville houses 13th Street, 43rd Street, and 8th Avenue, all of which are popular roads that run across the city for easy traveling. This area of the city is spacious and lined with trees making for a relaxing and beautiful view. Northwest Gainesville also offers a variety of houses and apartments both for rent and for sale. While there is an ample selection of housing, the area does not offer the same massive student complexes that are found in more student-centered areas of Gainesville.

Things to Consider in Northwest Gainesville

Due to the calm, family-oriented neighborhood atmosphere of Northwest Gainesville, there aren’t nearly as many restaurants, bars, and stores as there are around areas like Downtown, Midtown or Archer. If you’re wanting to be close to nightlife, Northwest Gainesville is not the right place, as it is often quiet and slow at nights. Most of the neighbors around the apartment complexes will be adults with families and Santa Fe students, since the area is more removed from UF student dense areas. This also means that there are less student-hosted events, such as pool parties and tailgates, that are common closer to the UF campus.

Getting to Destinations from Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville offers student housing near UF, Santa Fe, The Oaks Mall and the Gainesville Regional Airport. However, although these destinations are only a couple minutes away, bus lines don’t run as often through Northwest Gainesville as they do in areas like Archer Road. Because of this, it is a lot more convenient to drive a car when living in this area to avoid scheduling your errands and life around bus times. Depending on the area in which you live, you might also be close enough to bike to UF or Santa Fe like many students do.

Attractions near Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville offers many outdoor activities and attractions. Despite its relaxed atmosphere, the area is still an active community with residents enjoying the nature walks and bike trails that are scattered around the area. Devil’s Millhopper State Park is a popular area in Northwest Gainesville that offers beautiful views and adventurous activities. The Gainesville Community Playhouse is also located in this area along with Santa Fe’s Zoo and Planetarium.

Businesses in Northwest Gainesville

There is a fair amount of shopping in Northwest Gainesville, with most businesses catering to the permanent residents of the area. Most needed chain stores can be found such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Publix and pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. There is also a good selection of local restaurants and boutiques. In addition, there is The Oaks Mall located just in the outskirts of the Northwest Gainesville area.

Apartments for Rent in Gainesville, FL

Northwest Gainesville is an area that incorporates some of the best aspects of living close to campus as well as living in a family-centered neighborhood. It carries a more easy going lifestyle, has beautiful nature sights, and short commuting distances. The area caters to a mix of students, professionals and families, with enough housing options to suit everyone’s needs. If you are looking for student apartments in Gainesville, let CMC Apartments help you. Contact us today.