Your Guide to Living In Midtown

Midtown Gainesville is located directly north of the UF campus along and extending past University Avenue. This area of town is the center for student life and has constant activity around it day and night. During the day, students pass through Midtown to reach their classes, go to the library or grab a bite to eat. At night, Midtown is a prime spot to go out and is usually filled with students, especially on weekend nights. For anyone wishing to experience what it truly means to be a student living in college and be part of all the action, Midtown is the ideal place. At CMC Apartments, we can help you find Gainesville apartments in Midtown.

Perks of Living in UF Apartments Close to Midtown

Midtown offers a lot of convenience to UF students. As a student, you will already spend most of your time in the area, so living there just makes everything all the better. Midtown provides a strip of some of the most popular bars in Gainesville and both local and chain restaurants at affordable prices, giving students who live here more than enough options for days. This area is also one of, if not the best for student housing near UF given its close proximity. Thanks to new renovations, there are various options for apartments, including luxury apartments, and depending on where you live, the campus will be right across the street, making the commute a quick walk or bike ride away. In Midtown, you’ll always be in the center of student life and celebration, from studying and commuting to classes, to game day tailgates and weekend partying.

What to Consider Living Near Midtown

Despite Midtown’s popularity, there is unfortunately very limited parking. To ensure that parking isn’t an issue for you if you’re living in the area, talk to your complex to see if they will have a designated parking area for residents. Midtown can also get quite loud and raucous during football season and on weekend nights, so if you’re looking for calmer, more quiet student apartments in Gainesville, then Midtown might not be the place for you, as you will likely be able to hear the commotion from out your window. It is also the prime spot for tailgating, which means that a lot of people, both students and non-students, will flock to this area before football games. While there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area, you will have to travel by car or bus to get shopping done in other parts of the city.

How to Get Around from Midtown

Getting to the UF campus from Midtown is a simple walk, bike or bus ride away. There are multiple bus routes that run through the area for all campus destinations as well as other parts of the city. Midtown also feeds directly into Downtown, and Santa Fe and the Gainesville Regional Airport are both only a couple of minutes north. The Oaks Mall, however, is a little further on the west side of the city. If you don’t have personal transportation, the bus is fairly reliable in this area.

Attractions near Midtown

Midtown’s close proximity to UF makes the campus its main attraction. The Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is located so close down the street that you will likely be able to hear the fans cheering on game days from your apartment. The bars and restaurants are also what make this place a hotspot.

Businesses near Midtown

Restaurants in Midtown include establishments like Chipotle, Relish Big Tasty Burgers, and Pita Pit. The area offers pretty much every form of cuisine that you could possibly crave. Some of the popular bars in the area are The Social at Midtown, The Swamp, and Grog House.

Student Housing in Midtown Gainesville

Midtown is one of the favorite living areas for students and with good reason. If you’re looking into moving to Midtown, contact CMC Apartments today. We can help you find the best apartments for rent in Gainesville, FL, for you.