Image of Kimberly Hafey

Kimberly Hafey is a Senior Regional Manager for CMC and currently oversees twelve student and conventional properties throughout Gainesville that house over 1,400 residents. Kim has been with the company since 2006 when she started as a leasing agent at Huntington Lakes, a 310-unit property in Northwest Gainesville. Kim’s hard work and excellence paid off when she was promoted to Regional Manager in 2014, and has been an invaluable asset to the company ever since. She deeply impacts all those she works alongside, and she exhibits time and time again that she shows up for her employees. One of them says, “Kim encourages others to do their best and ensures that she will be there if help is needed. I am very grateful to have such a caring person around who wants to see her team grow.” Whether it’s giving them the tools and resources they need to handle upset residents, keeping them in the loop on important issues, or just being a shoulder to cry on when times are tough, Kim is consistent with her support. One of her other skills is her capacity to create efficient, cohesive teams.“She has an incredible ability to recognize employees’ innate abilities and ensure they mesh well with the team.”, says one property Manager. Her match-making skills when it comes to staffing are one of the reasons why two out of the three CMC properties that won the prestigious 800 Award from are overseen by Kim. Juggling twelve communities, some of which are the largest in CMC’s portfolio, is no small feat, but Kim handles it all with passion and finesse. One of her property managers explains, “Kim navigates through an enormous workload incredibly efficiently and with grace and poise. She is always professional and solution-oriented. Her problem-solving skills are unmatched. Kim is an exemplary leader, the best kind of leader; the kind that people want to follow.” Kim absolutely embodies CMC’s core values of Integrity, Service, Expertise, Commitment, and Community, and we are proud to award her CMC’s May Employee of the Month for 2022!