Key Tips For Your First Apartment

Congratulations on your new apartment! Moving into your first apartment is an exciting experience. It’s your own space to live, play, and kick back. But first, you’ll need to move in. Moving can be stressful for anyone but particularly harrowing for first-time movers who aren’t sure what to expect. Have no fear! Contemporary Management Concepts, LLLP is here to help you with the following key tips for moving into your first apartment. With these preparations, your first move into a Florida apartment will be a breeze!

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Get Your Finances In Order

One of the most important aspects of moving into your first apartment for rent in Florida is your finances. For most people, the cost of the move can be more expensive than one may initially think. Based on what's outlined in your rental agreement, you may have to pay first and last month’s rent upfront and a security deposit before moving into your new apartment. Look out for application fees, and ask the apartment manager whether you have to pay any additional costs, such as parking fees. Next, set up your utilities. You might have to pay a deposit to the utility company before you move in. Find out if any utilities are included with your monthly apartment payment. Utilities you will need include water and sewer, electric, gas, internet, and trash pickup. You should also consider getting renter’s insurance to help protect your belongings. If you plan on using a moving service, set aside that amount and costs for packing materials, like packing tape, moving boxes, and other items. It might also be wise to have some money available on moving day for stocking your fridge and buying cleaning supplies.

Pack Up Like A Pro

Packing is a stressful yet very necessary aspect of moving. First, make lists of everything you need to do and any items to buy for a successful pack-up and move. There’s a lot of to-do’s when it comes to moving, such as filling out and submitting a change-of-address form with your post office, informing friends and family of your new address, buying supplies, and so on. You might even consider making lists of what items go into which boxes to make life easier when you sort and unpack the boxes in your new place. Label each box as you pack it, or you run the risk of having to open each box to assess its contents and determine where it’s supposed to go in the apartment.

Review Your Rental Agreement

It’s tempting to flip or scroll through your rental agreement to just sign your name, but we recommend thoroughly inspecting each page of your rental agreement. This document contains information of critical importance, and if you don’t read it, you could risk violating its terms without even knowing it! This document contains information about everything you can and cannot do in your apartment, and information about when to submit monthly payments, late fees, what to know about having roommates, guests, pets, and other details. It also details your rights and responsibilities as a resident of the community. After you’ve read it, ask any questions you may have.

Keep Necessities On Hand

There are several things you’ll need to have on-hand from day one. These are your new-apartment necessities. Other items, like decorative items and small appliances, can be acquired later and over time. For the bathroom, you’ll need toilet paper, towels, toiletries, plunger, shower curtain and rings (unless there’s a shower door), bathmat, trashcan, and toothbrush holder. For your bedroom, the essentials you’ll need include a mattress and mattress pad, bed from and box springs, pillows, bedding, hangers, and a laundry basket. For the kitchen, you will need plates and bowls, mugs and glasses, silverware, pots and pans, cooking utensils, cutting board, dish towels, paper towels, a sponge and dishwashing liquid, food storage bags or containers, a kitchen trash can, and trash bags.